2019 Absentee Ballot

Riviera II Council of Co-Owners, Inc.

By casting your vote via absentee ballot you will forgo the opportunity to consider and vote on any action from the floor on these proposals, when the meeting is held. This means that, if there are amendments to the budget proposal, your vote will not be counted on the final vote. If you desire to retain this ability, please attend the meeting in person. You may submit an absentee ballot and later choose to attend any meeting in person, in which case any in-person vote will prevail.


The 2019 Annual General Meeting of Riviera II COUNCIL OF CO-OWNERS, INC. will be held at 10 a.m., Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Olympia Grill at 21st and Harborside. 


TWO positions on the Board will be filled at this election. In addition to the declared candidates listed below, write-in candidates are allowed. Please use this ballot if you wish to vote for 1 or 2 candidates.  Cumulative voting is allowed according to the Riviera II Declaration.  If you wish to vote that method by casting two votes for less than two candidates, please contact info@rappmanagement.com for a separate ballot.

Only the tabulators of the ballots will see your votes and they are not allowed to disclose the details of any ballots.

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